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 1. Jodie Asselin, Agata Agnieszka Konczal
Shift ing forest perceptions: a comparative case study of forest perceptions in Yukon Canada and the Tuchola Forest Region of Poland

2. Władysław Chałupka
What was pre-II world gamekeeper supposed to know?

3. Roman Jaszczak, Sandra Wajchman, Beata Taryma
Forest management on Polish land – the description of site conditions in the 19th century

4. Jarosław Krawczyk
The ballad about Smyk. Incomplete fulfillings

5. Władysław Kusiak
Geographic, natural, economic, agricultural, historical and other names from the Noteć Forest Region

6. Andrzej Litewka, Władysław Chałupka
A scientifi c expedition of Professor Józef Rivoli to Serra da Estrela in Portugal
Krzysztof Łaziuk

7. January Uprising in the Knyszyńska Primeval Forest in participants’
accounts and inhabitants’ memory

8. Edward Marszałek
About the need of saving the firing of charcoal profession from forgetting

9. Albrecht Milnik
History of the education of foresters in Germany

10. Jarosław Szaban
“Demetria” – student corporation of the Agriculture and Forestry Faculty
at Poznan University

11. Ryszard Wagner
Bookplate with hunting motive in the European culture – based on chosen examples

12. Maria Zachorowska
Always a forester. Zbigniew Trąmpczyński’s story (1888–1966)


13. Jerzy Adamczewski
Department of Cataloguing and Gathering Museum Collections in 2011 – the outline of its activity

14. Alicja Antonowicz
New form of region heritage education

15. Konrad Bul
Temporary exhibitions of the Forest Culture Centre in Gołuchów in 2012

16. Barbara Czołnik
Educational activity of the Forest Culture Centre in 2012

17. Stanisław Czołnik
Activity of Park Department of the Forest Culture Centre in Gołuchów in 2012

18. Jerzy Wiśniewski
Centenary of tour of Forest Society members to Gołuchów