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Roman Jaszczak, Sandra Wajchman, Beata Taryma

Forest management on Polish land – the description of site conditions in the 19th century

Forest management was still in its infancy in Polish forests in the 19th century. This article reminds readers of how forest site was described in those days. For this purpose, available nineteenth century instructions, glossaries and books were employed (Kobierzycki 1809, 1810; Kozłowski 1846, 1847; Połujański 1854, Wydrzyński 1862, Choiński 1873, Strzelecki 1874, 1889; Koleczko 1882).
The concepts and definitions quoted in this study show that even a well-educated contemporary forester may fi nd it sometimes diffi cult to understand information contained in the nineteenth-century stand descriptions. At the same time, the reader may become enchanted by the beauty and mysteriousness of the then vocabulary and seeking solutions may provide a lot of personal satisfaction.
The quotations given in the paper corroborate the fact that already in the 19th century descriptions of site conditions were very detailed. The richness of concepts employed in this fi eld deserves attention. It is worth emphasising that from the very beginning as well as during later development of forest economy on Polish land, an important role was attributed to conditions in which forest stands were growing and their description was one of the basic activities carried out within the framework of forest management.

Key words: 19th century, Polish soil, forest management, tree stand description

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